Almost indestructible mobile phone – thanks to high-tech screen protection made in Germany

A new screen protector made from liquid glass is currently the latest hype on the internet. On Facebook & Co., thousands of users are already discussing the new miracle weapon, which should make displays more resistant to scratches and breakage damage. The screen protector fascinates the whole community and declares war on the hated so called spider-app.

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It is a liquid called DiamondProtect. A screen protector, made of liquid glass, suitable for any mobile phone model (including the Edge-versions) and now revolutionizing the smartphone market. DiamondProtect is not a plastic screen protector but a super-strong protective seal!

A company from Germany developed DiamondProtect with the goal of making smartphone screens significantly more resistant against breakage and scratches. But then they noticed that the unique screen protector still has more to offer than just protecting your screen from scratches.

The liquid sealing glass minimizes the adhesion of germs and bacteria to the surface of your phone by up to 99%! Fingerprints on the screen are reduced and can be removed much easier.

Whether it’s on Facebook, YouTube, or german television: Everyone is excited and wants to learn more about the innovative protection of DiamondProtect. On Facebook, it is already a “favourite” among users. But what does the protection really endure? Sat.1 breakfast live television took it to the test:

Have you ever heard of a liquid-glass technology from space? No? Well, it’s about time!

The protection seal of DiamondProtect is based on space technology and is the original made by a German manufacturer. The liquid glass changes the atomic structures of the screen surface and makes a strong connection with it. This makes the surface smoother and therefore much easier to clean. DiamondProtect acts like a second skin on the device to protect it. Since it is not a plastic screen protector, there is absolutely no chance of trapping air bubbles or applying it unevenly. The protective layer is 500 times thinner than human hair and invisible to the eye.

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The application of DiamondProtect is a piece of cake – even for inexperienced users. With 3 simple steps you can protect your mobile phone screen and your health:


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All prices are gross incl. VAT and excl. Shipping costs.


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